Walk In The Woods

You are walking along a narrow pathway deep in the woods, there is a warm gentle breeze caressing your face and arms.  Animals are playing around the trees; squirrels, rabbits, and young deer.  The sun is warm as it shines through the canopy of trees, causing a dappled effect upon the ground beneath your feet.  Everywhere is so peaceful, the songbirds high in the trees add to the beauty of this magical place.
Continue to follow the pathway.  Over to the right, there is a large rubbish bin; as you approach it, think of all the things that have been giving you trouble.  They could be problems and worries from your everyday life; empty them all into the rubbish bin until you begin to feel yourself getting lighter and lighter.
Now you can continue with your wonderful walk, enjoying the solitude and peace.
There is a small stream flowing along to your left, it is not very deep or wide, but the water is sparkling and crystal clear.  It looks so cool and inviting that you step into it,  as it runs over your feet, it feels so cool.  Walking along in the stream you notice even more animals and a  profusion of so many coloured flowers.  Frogs hop about in the water and dragonflies dart about busily.
Just ahead of you there is a bend in the stream.  As you round the bend there is another rubbish bin over to the left of you. As you approach you can offload more of your problems, any worries and any negative energy that is still remaining.  Place them all into the bin and when you have finished, you can once more continue your walk feeling so much lighter than you have ever done before.
Carry on walking through the water,  you see a pathway.  Stepping onto the path, you come upon another rubbish bin. In this one you place anything that is remaining within you.  At last you are now free, and floating on air, this is wonderful.
Find yourself a clearing;  the grass is so sweet and very green.  The clearing is surrounded by trees and it is so nice here that you can lie down on the grass looking up into a clear blue sky.  Here you can stay in perfect peace and safety.  Nothing can harm you and when it is time to return an angel who has been with you all the time will lead you back following the same pathway.
Upon arriving back take a deep breath and notice how light you now feel. Everything is well for the start of a new day or week.
I do hope you enjoyed your walk.
God Bless