Readings & Development



You may have heard of  'having a reading'.  This refers to having information given to just you,  about a person or persons who have passed from the Earth plain.  It is a special time to hear words of comfort and be given information which leads to proof of life continuing on, after we pass over.

You can contact me if you live in Maistone or surrounding areas.  Readings can also be given by telephone for people out of the area or abroad.

There are also contacts for Mediums/Healers and other therapies on the Links page of this site.


Frequently asked Questions

* What is a development circle?
* What is it for?
* How many people can join ?
* How do you find one?
* Where is the best place to start looking?
* What is the difference between a Closed circle and an Open circle?

A development circle is attended by people who want to learn about spirit communication and to develop any of the spiritual gifts they may or may not have yet recognized.

Sitting in a development circle starts by learning about meditation, which is an important part of development.  Stilling the mind as much as possible and practicing whenever you can. There are many ways to do this, and finding the one that suits you best will mean trying out different ways to meditate.

Some circle leaders like to use the "Breath" method; focusing on the breath (in through the nose and out through the mouth). Another way is to focus on a candle; concentrating upon the flame.  Even something as simple as a glass of water can be used (it is about the focus). 

If your mind should wander to other things within your life when you are meditating (and it often will in the beginning) just bring your mind back to the focus of the meditation you are doing.  No matter how many times you have to do this it does not matter.  Given time this will happen less and less frequently. 

Another method is by "Visualisation".  The circle leader will lead you through a guided visualisation. 

A visualisation is like being guided on a journey, such as the ones listed on the web site Meditations page. Also there are many CDs and tapes that can also help