Wonders Untold Unfold


The whole book has been channelled from Spirit and each chapter by a different Spirit  source.  
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 A MESSAGE FROM SHEILA  FOR  2014 on.....................
Upon thinking about the world situation and the terrible acts of aggression that we hear about across the world  Sheila meditated and requested if there was  anything Healers could do to stop this awful march of brutality and aggression against people who just happened to have different religions.  She was shown, that not  only the healing enrgy of love,  but also the energy of sound would be a powerful barrier to the energies that are present in these places.
She was told that if groups of Healers were to chant the  OM (and those who felt drawn to do so)  and also sent out a message of Love and forgiveness for any transgessions against humankind, in the space between each chant,  then this would have a powerful effect.  
I am putting this on Sheila's website as she requested  and ask that all those who come across this page may pass that message on until we have an OM of infinite possibility.
Please will you help.
Love and light to all who linger here
Marion  and  Sheila