Spiritual Healing​

I have been a channel for healing now for about 14 years.

What is healing and how does it work?
Healing works on a vibration of love and compassion, we link into the Divine Source of Universal life energy that is available to all. We are not the ones who create the energy we are the channel for it. The energy that manifests helps the person receiving the healing to put there own body back into balance. The healing not only works on the body it works on the whole person this means the Mind Body and Spirit. I have since become a teacher of spiritual healing

Healing is non invasive, it will not interfere with any medication that is being taken, a healer will never tell anyone to stop taking there medication at any time There is no limit to the amount of healing that can be given or received.

Spiritual healing does not discriminate. Anyone regardless of religion, colour or creed can receive healing they only have to ask. Sometimes there is an instant success in just one healing, sometimes it takes several visits to feel the results, whenever healing is given we need to realise that we do not always recognise the healing we need, but we receive the healing we need.

Through God’s love I believe that he sends to us his spirit healing guides to help the channels (us) with the healing I have seen some wonderful healings in the time that I have been involved with this wonderful way of life. To receive healing the person does not have to be present when healing is taking place. This is called distant healing; the energy is still as strong and powerful as the laying on of hands, Healing prayers are sent out daily for anyone who is in need

Reiki is a spiritually guided life-force energy that uses its own wisdom to bring healing, balance and harmony to the recipient, being unresponsive to any direction or wishes of the practitioner. Reiki is a special spiritual healing system, which connects you to the life force via the ancient Reiki symbols and can only be channelled by someone who has been “attuned” to it. It is this atunement that makes the difference between reiki and other healing methods.

To become a Reiki Master
Many people come to reiki as part of their spirituality; there are three levels in Reiki. In level one you learn the reiki principles and the hand positions. Then you will receive an atunement from the teacher or Reiki Master.

In level two you will learn three reiki symbols and how to send distant healing. Then you will receive another atunement.

In level three you learn the reiki master symbol, the atunement process and how to teach reiki. You will then receive the master atunement. 



Aurora is a wonderful healing therapy using four therapies at the same time, Colour, Magnets, Crystals and Sound. Aurora has 76 beautiful coloured bottles; every one of them is different, The bottles are used in colour readings, or consultations as well as in healing The consultations can be given on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
Aurora offers versatility.

Aurora Magnetic, Crystal and Sound Healing is a natural non-intrusive way of re-charging your whole being on all levels of consciousness.  Aurora can help to gain relief from aches and pains, to expel toxins and improve the body’s energy and strength. Aurora compliments other healing techniques and alternative therapies.

Colour plays a big part in our lives.
Colour: Our aura carries colour within it, having a remarkable effect on your personality, your true colours. You have colours in your Aura that can vibrate in a positive or negative way. Colours can help to heal you spiritually, emotionally and physically The using of colour in healing helps to maintain a colourful balance Within the charka system as well as the aura.

Magnetic Therapy: Is one of nature’s most natural, alternative, non-toxic therapies which can be dated back to the Egyptians, Ancient texts have described how magnets were used for there therapeutic healing qualities. The energy within us forms part of the electromagnetic field of which we are made. The Magnetic Therapy appears to work on a cellular level by enhancing the Body’s cells.
PLEASE NOTE: People who have a pace-maker should avoid being to close to magnets as they could interfere with the Pace-maker It is not advised that you place magnets near or to close to electrical appliances that rely on a database memory because magnets can erase collective memory data. Magnets can also erase credit cards, so it advisable that you keep them well away from your purse or wallet.

Crystals can be traced back to the dawning of civilisation.   Ancient texts (including the bible) refer to crystals and their uses.  Crystals were and still are known for their powerful healing potential and magical properties.. Crystals can also heal on a cellular level like magnets Crystals vibrate at different frequencies and are often in resonance with the body’s chakra system. Crystals can work with colour to heal the body and put back its natural balance. Each crystal is unique and can heal in its own way

Healing with Sound: Sound are made up of vibration frequencies. Colour is light that is vibrating at different frequencies, therefore that too is linked to sound. Crystals, whether coloured or clear, resonate to both sound and colour frequencies, therefore they too are linked to sound. Sound therapy can help balance the charka as well as the auric field, which surrounds the physical body never underestimate the healing power of sound. You may be aware on conscious level of music therapeutically making you feel better but on a subconscious level your charkas are being put back into balance, therefore being healed.

The Melchizedek Method Level One
It is a four day course, the basis of the techniques presented is the activation of the Hologram of Love Merkaba.  The heart awakens and opens more to unconditional love during Healing sessions and continues during your normal life.  The Hologram of Love has the ability to heal and rejuvenate any form of creation. The Melchizedek Method establishes a constant flow of love energy from your heart to the source of God, and to the centre of the Earth.  Linking in this way allows you to draw the spiritual energies of the God source and Earth together to manifest a high frequency love healing energy that uplifts the human body into a state of receptivity for healing and rejuvenation.  The Melchizedek Method is preventative as well as curative.  Anyone can learn The Melchizedek Method and successfully be able to practice it immediately
Information on the whole of the four day course can be found in the link above listing all you will need to know.

The Melchizedek Method Level Two
Incorporating the Orbital Hologram of Love Merkaba, the level two continues on from the completion of Level One.  It is also a four days course.  All in all Level Two of the Melchizedek Method is indeed a quantum leap from Level One and will be experienced as a preparation for true spiritual mastership within an ascending consciousness.  Melchizedek Method Level Two updates to healing techniques, reveal a quantum leap in evolution, empowering healers and individuals interested in self harmony alike, with advanced tools to tune and heal their physical vehicles in ways far beyond the understanding of conventional health practitioners. Users of the Melchizedek Method are able to more than ever be prepared for their journey of service to humankind as well as their own personal Ascension

The Melchizedek Method Level Three
Level Three of the Melchizedek Method can be described as an initiation into the Kamadon Order of Mastery and The Kamadon Temple of Higher Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom of Unconditional Love of God through the new Unity Merkabah of Love.
Level Three of the Melchizedek Method shall be presented by the Melchizedek Elders who many of you have experienced in Levels One and Two. Their combined energy and presence shall be felt as they guide us each day until the final day of initiation
Holographic healing will once again be a vital part of this four day intensive, amplifying the Level Two techniques and introducing the concept of multiples of 33 holograms connected to the 33 chakras rotating at greater speed within the Cosmic Christ Consciousness to bring about an even more accelerated healing process.

The Melchizedek Method Level Four
Level Four once again is a quantum leap from the previous Melchizedek Method Level Three. As with with all previous Melchizedek Method presentations, Level Four presents to you a number of previously untried techniques to activate your light body to a higher octave.
In this workshop/seminar you will be guided to enter the Eye of God with a total understanding of how your morphic resonance merkabah works, and its influence on the eternal eye into the higher dimensions. You will be introduced to the Universal Omni-Merkabah of Love of multiple light bodies. It is also necessary to add several new encoded components to ensure a perfect entry and a light pulse vibration as you project through the eternal Eye of God.
Each individual is unique in the way they interpret these new light thoughts, and all is determined by the way you enter the Eye of God to leave the physical realm behind, how you travel through the time tunnel/conversion zone of the Eye, and how you release yourself into the light worlds.
To find out more about all the levels of this method, please have a look at the web site on www.melchizedekmethod.com
The Melchizedek Method Teaching

Why is it necessary to train people in the art of healing?
I believe everyone has the ability to give healing, but it can take someone else to recognise the healing gift within a person, which can show in many ways.
The main requirement to becoming a Healer is, love of your fellow man and being understanding towards others’ needs.
Training gives an insight into the workings of the body, through the aura, chakras, and meridian lines. You learn how to meditate and how to listen to people with deep problems, (passing them on to qualified persons if you are unable to help). You always work to a Code of Conduct.
It is a ruling of the EEC, that everyone who works with the public should have training and insurance to protect themselves as well as their patients. This is why training in healing is necessary.
A training course is running at the moment. It takes a year to complete (longer if found to be necessary). Some trainees need more time than others and it can be done at their pace (within reason).
I am hoping to teach another healing course next year. No dates have been set-aside at the moment. I will inform you on the website as soon anything has been arranged.

UK Office run by Amariel & Ashien has a new e-mail address: E-mail: melchizedekmethoduk@hotmailMeditation