Candle Light

Imagine finding yourself in a field covered with new crisp snow, there are no footprints to break the sparkling blanket of snow that surrounds you.
The sky is blue black and full of twinkling stars.  The moon is so big and round  lighting everything around us.
Start  walking across the field, hearing the snow crunching under our feet it is the only sound breaking the silence.
Looking across the field you can see trees ahead of you;  looking lovely with the branches bending Low with the weight of the snow upon them. 

In the distance there is  a waterfall, As you get closer seeing the  frozen water is making a wonderful sight, sparkling in the moonlight.
your attention is drawn to a shape at the side of the waterfall.  It looks like a horse.   As you get closer, it is hooked up to a sledge.  The horse is as white as the snow, standing beside the sledge.
Look closely, can see, it is your Angel who is asking you to get into the sledge. Once seated your angel covers you with a blanket of pure white angel feathers.  It is so warm and comfortable.   Your angel now climbs onto the sledge siting opposite you,  once you are settled the horse starts to move into a gentle trot.
This is so nice, you feel so safe, and at peace;  all of a sudden wings come out from the sides of this wonderful horse and as they do so the sledge starts to lift up from the ground, going high over the treetops and the snow covered fields.
This is a time for you;  you can go wherever you wish.   Ask your Angel where he would like to take you.  Enjoy this time, it is for you.  Be at peace, be safe.
When it is time to return, take the same journey back until you find yourself where we first started the journey. Enjoy